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About the CCGSCA

The Chicagoland Chapter of the Buick Gran Sport Club of America was formed for member enjoyment.  We provide motorsport activities for Performance Buick owners, and promote sharing of information on restoration and performance upgrades. Motorsport activities include car shows, drag racing events and cruises. We are a nonprofit organization with volunteers who plan, promote and/or execute our activities. We consider Buicks as the standard for going fast with class.

Chicagoland's first meeting was held on December 10th, 1994 at Strats in Franklin Park, IL. A list of former Illinois Chapter members and their acquaintances were invited to the first meeting. Within months Chicagoland became a Chapter of the Buick GS Club of America. The GSCA has been promoting Buick Performance since 1981. The National Club publishes the bimonthly GSX-TRA and sponsor the GS Nationals.  With the help of a mailing list from the National Club, Chicagoland become one of the largest Chapters of the GSCA, within three years.

As Buick Performance enthusiasts our members support other members by:

We have many great organizations support our Buicks including; ANS, Precision Turbo and Engine, Jimmy's Transmissions, Caspers Electronics, and Pro-Trac. The owners of these organizations are also members. These owners and members such as Joe Lubrant, Tom Rix, Steve Russo and Johnny Gribble are known to spend many hours helping members enhance their Buicks. Fortunately we have a number of drag strips within 2 hours of Chicagoland, including: Great Lakes Dragaway, US41 International Dragway, Byron Dragway and Route 66.  Please see the separate page providing details of our supporting vendors, who you will find are very helpful.

Performance Buick owners are generally very courteous and will help out fellow owners. This makes us the best among automotive enthusiasts.   Our Chapter has nearly a 50-50 split of members owning Turbo Regals, or GS / Skylarks.  The collective knowledge and experiences of our 180 members are regularly shared with new Performance Buick owners, just for the asking.  Our membership include owners who regularly drive their Buicks, owners who show their Buicks, and owners who race their Buicks, or any combination of uses.

We publish a quarterly periodical called "Fast Times", promote Cruises, hold and promote Car Shows, arrange Technical Sessions, encourage swap meets before our meetings,  promote drag racing sessions to help tune our cars, and throw a free Christmas Party. See our events calendar for upcoming events, and likewise notes on our past events in the message board.

Our Technical Sessions are often held on the premises of vendors who specialize in keeping our Performance Buicks fit.  At many of our sessions, we help each other decide on the next upgrade or with a problem.  Please explore the remainder of the Web Site for useful information.  If you are interested in Buicks as a Performance vehicle for "show" or "go", you are welcome to join our ranks. 

You may join our Chapter for a mere $20.00.  For those who participate, this is a great value.

Revised January 01, 2003