stalling problem

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stalling problem

Postby stagedcoach71 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:23 am

Hello All:

After a number of years working on my 70 GS 350, it made its maiden voyage this weekend. The only problem I have not been able to overcome is stalling. When the car is moved from P to in gear, it often stalls out. Once the car is underway it will come to a stop smoothly and take off smoothly. I have a newish Q-JET on it right now and can't seem to tune it to overcome the stalling. It idles in P at 1200 (high I know) and 800 in gear.

The engine is basically a stock 73 350 from my Apollo project. I put a factory four bl manifold on with QJET I mentioned. It also has a TA 212 cam.

When I swapped in the 73 drivetrain, I replaced the vacuum modulator on the trans with an aftermarket piece. Could this be causing the stall when placed in gear?

To be clear, the stalling only happens when the car is moved from P to any gear. (R) seems to be worse than D.


Thanks in advance.
David H
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